August 9-15, 2020


  • Worked 31.5 hours
  • Finished working on a project with Advomatic
  • Signed contract with iRest for Drupal Commerce on their new site
  • Worked on component definitions for BJK Digital
  • Completed, updated, and launched new wines and translated content for Barefoot Wine Canada
  • Deployed a Coronavirus announcement banner for Timbers Jupiter
  • Set as my primary domain for my business website (rather than .net)
  • Continued work on the Drupal 8 site for iRest


  • Created my own personal site
  • Looked at a horse we may be interested in leasing for my family
  • Spent half the day waiting and working at the auto dealer getting the oil changed and tires rotated on my truck
  • Said goodbye to our Bishop and handed out sno cones
  • Still deciding if we are going to homeschool this year or have the kids to online school with the teachers provided through our school district
  • Still deciding if we are going to do a home equity loan and begin remodelling our living area and kitchen
  • Continued work on my wife's business website
  • Cooked a T-bone steak from a cow we just had butchered (so good)
  • Cleaned out the garage and sold a bunch of stuff on Facebook Marketplace. And gave away a ton more stuff.