September 13-19, 2020


  • Worked 39.25 hours
  • Continued development on the site.
  • Continued development on the new iRest site and Drupal Commerce integration.
  • Helped a front-end developer with a some carousel issues within Drupal.
  • Started building the framework for a client email template and single page website.


  • Took our youngest to his first day of pre-school.
  • Bought used tires for ATV and dropped those off to be installed.
  • Kids completed their first full week of online school.
  • Took Yukon in to auto dealer to replace passenger door handle that broke off.
  • Had a date night on Friday evening at the Sawmill Bar and Grill.
  • Had a friend help me fix our plow by welding a few pieces back to together. Primed and painted it as well.